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    2019Nov. 12th
    Nov. 12th

    The first industrial prototype has been determined to develop. It will be commercially delivered to Nanshan Aluminium Co. in Jun. 2020.

    2019Sep. 21st
    Sep. 21st

    The ‘MW class superconducting induction heating technology and device promotion exchange meeting’ was successfully held in the company. The meeting was organized by China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association. Representatives of production, technology or equipment leaders of some of the top ten key aluminum extrusion companies in China (potential application customers) participated in. And the prospect of HTS induction heating application was highly evaluated.


    Scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting of “MW class HTS induction heating technique and equipment” and “conduction cooling HTS magnets with large bore” were successfully held in Jiangxi Liannovation applied superconductor Inc. Ltd. The conference was organized by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. Academician Zhongxian Zhao was the general consultant of the evalution experts committee. Senior experts were academician Xianhui Chen, academician Weihua Gui and Jia Mingxing, who was the president of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. The other experts in the panel were from low temperature, mechatronics, aluminum processing industry, titanium alloy processing industry, and aluminum profile user units. The committee believed that technical performance indicators of the MW class HTS induction heating device and the large bore conduction cooling HTS magnet were at the international leading level! In addition, they thought that this technology was considered to be the first to achieve industrialization among HTS application technologies and it was very promising for application development.

    2019Jun. 25th
    Jun. 25th

    MW class HTS induction heating equipment passed the performance testing of National Electric Furnace Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, which is a testing authority of electric heating industry in China


    Jiangxi Liannovation applied superconductor Inc. Ltd. established. It was jointly established by Jiangxi Electronics Group and Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (600363) with a registered capital of RMB 200 million in the first phase. The company focuses on R&D, design and manufacturing of large-capacity HTS DC induction heating equipment, high-end electrical equipment based on HTS magnet systems.


    Academician Zhongxian Zhao (赵忠贤) and Academician Xianhui Chen(陈仙辉) inspected the HTS R&D situation of Liannovation. They investigated the HTS induction heater system and watched the heating procedure. They gave a positive and affirmative remark on the achievement we made on the large power HTS induction heater development. They also gave several constructive suggestions on cryogenic system, heat treatment optimization, analysis of heating uniformity, and equipment reliability.

    2019Mar. 8th
    Mar. 8th

    MW class HTS induction heater passed through the expert evaluation organized by Shanghai science and technology committee


    Integration and testing of MW class HTS induction heater were finished and the results met the expected objective condtions.

    Early in 2013

    MW class HTS induction heater R&D project launched officially

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