Cryocooled HTS magnet

Cryocooled HTS magnet

We break through the heat transfer technology of large diameter cryocooled HTS magnet and successfully develop the largest YBCO magnet of this type in the world. Now we are developing cryocooled type YBCO magnets of 6 T operated at 20 K。
一、Technical features:

1、Without cryogenic liquid and easy to use and maintain;
2、The vacuum insulation cryostat has a simple structure。
3、 The superconducting magnet itself is designed to uninterrupted operate mode for years (10-20 years) and the magnet itself does not require any maintenance. Only the cold head of the refrigerator needs to be maintained every 1-2 years. To facilitate maintenance, the magnet innovatively achieves a plug&use function of cold head. That is, to maintenance cold head needs not to stop operation and the entire maintenance process can be completed within 24 hours。


In addition to the application of superconducting induction heating equipment, the world's largest diameter HTS magnet that we mastered has wide application fields such as electric power, high-end medical equipment, high-speed rail transportation, scientific instruments, and military industry。

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