Working process and technical advantages

Working process and technical advantages

一、Working process

  • 1.Infeed

    1) The servo hydraulic bracket receives the material at the upper position and then lowers to the middle position to locate the aluminum billet in the air gap。
    2)Infeed open can be at upper or on the side. The feeding position is precisely controllable。

  • 2.Clamping

    1)The hydraulic cylinders on both sides push the fixture of the spindle box against the aluminum billet and the bracket descends to the lower position。
    2)The length of the workpiece can be up to 2.5 m。

  • 3.Heating

    1) The motor starts and accelerates quickly to the rated speed, driving the workpiece to rotate and heat in the magnetic field。
    2)Two heating control modes of uniform and gradient are preset and the gradient is adjustable。

  • 4.Outfeed

    The bracket raises to the middle position and the hydraulic cylinders on both sides drive the spindle box fixtures off. The workpiece falls on the bracket and the bracket rises to the upper position。

二、technical advantages

  • 1、 Gradient controlled heating

    The magnetic field for heating is adjustable by adjusting movable iron core, thereby aluminum billet’s heating temperature distribution is adjusted。

  • 2、Intelligent temperature control heating

    According to the temperature requirements of the workpiece heated, the magnetic field distribution and heating time can be automatically controlled by a delibrately designed algorithm to achieve one-click intelligent heating。

  • 3、 High-torque jacking spindle box

    It can withstand complex load conditions such as high torque, strong pushing force, and alternating rotating stress under high magnetic field。

  • 4、 Non-magnetic and non-heat generating fixture

    The non-magnetic and non-heat generating ceramic-metal composite structure has a low thermal conductivity and can isolate the aluminum billet from heat transfer。

  • 5、Heat insulation and safety protection structure

    Through multi-angle collision test and simulation optimization, a specially strengthened structure integrating heat insulation and protection is designed to form an openable heating air gap, which also has the function of heat preservation。

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